Art Exhibit & Auction

Marengo-Union Chamber of Commerce proudly presents:

 2022 Summer Art Exhibit & Auction


You can bid on one or all of them here:

“Quality Engineering”  Sponsored by: Baxter & Woodman Engineering

“Orion”  Sponsored by: CORA Physical Therapy



“Ode to America”  Sponsored by:  McHenry Country Marine Corps. Aux., Unit 419



“Lake Life”  Sponsored by: HyperStitch, Inc.


“Beach Vibes” Sponsored by: Jane’s on State





“Simple Life” Sponsored by: Shawn McAuliffe, Country Financial



“Chicka Chicka Read”  Sponsored by:  Marengo Union Library District



“Calm” Sponsored by: Artibility, Inc.



“Birds of a Feather”  Sponsored by:  Marengo Emporium




“Got your Six”  Sponsored by:  Home Fire Safety Solutions, LLC


“Sunset Escape”  Sponsored by:  Air Management, Inc.



“Sunflowers”  Sponsored by: Law Office of William Pulak


“Star Gazing” Sponsored by: Flatlander Market




“Happy Days”  Sponsored by: The Sebastian Family




“Hope, Peace & Love”  Sponsored by: ReMax Connections II



You can bid on one or all of them here: